Monday, May 22, 2006

Been Slow to Post

But I have been busy! I finished this shirt awhile ago, but I didn't get it up on the site before it's first wearing. This is a linen shirt for Jim, with lucet cord for ties on the neck and linen tape for ties at the wrists. I was going through is garb for an event and realized that he needs more shirts and some garb that fits.

The close up shows more of the handstitching detail I put on to make it look "more authentic." I use a machine, more for time convenience than any aversion to hand-sewing. The pattern is a Janet Arnold pattern based on the shirt found at the musuem at Bath. When I find better specifics, I'll change this post.

And this pile is the start of more projects. The reason for the sudden urge/need to sew is we're going to Pennsic this year. Large camping event in the middle August.

Sorry for the dog butt. That's Pearl if you're interested. She's standing on some brownish-olive colored linen, next to that is a raisin color, some olive, a navy, and a dark taupe, all more linen. Oh the projects. The check fabric is a cotton/linen blend that is going to be a skirt for me. So, I need to get on the stick and make some garb for me and Jim that fits!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Finished Object!

I've finally finished the doublet I posted about earlier. Of course it doesn't fit Jim because I started the doublet about 4 years ago. So, the son of friends of ours, The Boy, has inherited a new doublet. It's a bit big on him, but The Boy has some growing yet to do. We'll be lucky if he wears this much beyond a year.

The fabric is an olive colored linen, I believe I got it from Jo-Anns. It is lined with black linen. I don't remember where I got the black linen. I hand made the buttons. The trim is just plain midi braid, several packages.

The sleeves are detachable. They are laced on with linen lucet cord lacing that I made in a fit of boredom. It always comes in handy.

So there it is, on The Boy. As I said, it's a little big now, but probably not for long.