Monday, May 01, 2006

Finished Object!

I've finally finished the doublet I posted about earlier. Of course it doesn't fit Jim because I started the doublet about 4 years ago. So, the son of friends of ours, The Boy, has inherited a new doublet. It's a bit big on him, but The Boy has some growing yet to do. We'll be lucky if he wears this much beyond a year.

The fabric is an olive colored linen, I believe I got it from Jo-Anns. It is lined with black linen. I don't remember where I got the black linen. I hand made the buttons. The trim is just plain midi braid, several packages.

The sleeves are detachable. They are laced on with linen lucet cord lacing that I made in a fit of boredom. It always comes in handy.

So there it is, on The Boy. As I said, it's a little big now, but probably not for long.


Anonymous susan said...

I love the doublet!! It looks great!

8:14 AM  

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