Monday, January 30, 2006


It's funny how life seems to travel in circles, while at the same time, it's a new circle.

When Jim and I got married 20 years ago, we had no money, just my pittance of a paycheck. Our goal was getting Jim through college and then he would become an officer in the Army. For fun, we joined D&D and Call of Cthulu groups. These were fun role playing games and we met some great people. We remain in contact with some of them. We would play on weekends and paint figures. It was fairly cheap entertainment that suited us at that point in our lives. We moved onto new places, jobs, and new interests.

When I started on my own education about 8 years ago I had to give up a few things such as a sewing guild and the numerous SCA events we used to attend. The amount of reading and homework reduced the amount of time I had for other activities. Now that I'm finished, I find sewing, SCA, D&D, and figures, coming back into my life. The sewing I searched out, but the D&D and figures came back through Jim. We went to a friend's house for a birthday dinner and Greg was playing a quick D&D game with another friend. Jim watched for a time, and his interest was renewed. We have since broken out the old books, figures, and purchased the new version. Jim's hooked and I admit I miss painting the figures.

I never realized how much of my life was put on hold while I was in school until I started looking around for things to do. Blogging is fun. Boogalu's blog is a real hit with his foster mom who passed it around to other BREW folks. Reading other blog sites has opened up a new venue for discussions. I have found loads of knitting sites, but not too many re-enactor or sewing sites. But I'm still looking.

So it’s a new circle of friends with many of the same interests. It's also new or expanded interests with many familiar friends. I finished school in October, but I've been rattling around trying to pick up the pieces of my life I had forgotten about. I'm getting there.

The following pictures are of the rediscovered sewing room and the progress on the doublet pictured in an earlier post.

I've started on the button holes. So far, so good. I think I have to make about 18-20 buttonholes on this doublet. Fortunately, the buttons are already made.



Blogger JuliaR said...

Fun stuff! It took a little while before people started visiting my blogs but then people started leaving comments so I knew they were out there. I am going to add your blogs to my blog rolls (sewing and dogs) and maybe you’ll get some more hits. I am embarrassed to to post a whole shot of my sewing room because I want it to look really good. That won’t happen until the condo corporation replaces the windows (scheduled for some time this year) and then I can rip out everything else in there and start over. Of course, ripping out includes the wall to wall carpet which is on the entire second floor which means I am going to have to do over all three bedrooms. How do I get myself into these things?

3:44 PM  
Blogger Sandy said...

Juliar - It took some real work to get the sewing room cleaned up. It was the catchall room while I was in school and had way too many horizontal surfaces to do all the catching. I figure it is about as close to perfect as it will ever get. Thanks for the addition to your blog rolls. Blogging has been fun and it is exciting when you start getting comments.

12:01 PM  

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