Wednesday, January 04, 2006

First Post

A couple of months ago I started a blog about Boogalu, our beagle. While Boogalu is loads of fun, there is only so much to post about a dog's life. Believe me, Boogalu has the life of Riley.

So, in an effort to address my personal pursuits, I decided to create a blog about my hobbies, specifically sewing, re-enacting, cooking and occasionally cowboy action shooting.

Right now, in a fit of New Year's Reorganization, my sewing room is a complete disaster. The closet is emptied and the shelf/rod contraption removed. You can't even walk through the room. Hopefully this weekend's efforts will result in a room at least semi-functional.

I got cool stuff for cooking, specifically a kitchen scale, for Christmas. Curiosity made me weigh a cup of flour (4 oz, approx) and how much 4 oz of sugar is volumetrically. I have several European cookbooks, hence weights instead of cups, and this device will be a godsend.

As for re-enacting, I belong to Gardner's Company, a group dedicated to Elizabethan re-creation. We do some cool things, however, things have been slow of late. I'm hoping to fix that this coming year.

Cowboy action shooting is a fairly new hobby. I've participated in only two matches, but I had a good time. It's January, so things in this hobby are fairly slow. Matches start happening regularly beginning in March.



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