Sunday, January 08, 2006

Pepetual Projects

We all have them. Projects we start with all the good intentions of completing. But somehow, things go awry, either life, or the project itself, and there it sits.

I started this doublet for my husband probably 4 years ago now. Heaven only knows if it will fit whenever I happen to complete it. It doesn't really look all that good in the picture because its on my dress dummy. Jim is much larger than me.

It's so close to being done. I've even made all of the buttons. All it really needs to be finished are the button holes and lacing holes for the sleeves. The sleeves are done except for button holes.

Now that I've reorganized the sewing room, I think this will be my second project. My first project has to be sewing little bags for Yule gifts. Gardners Company is having its Yule event in two weeks and Father Christmas usually drops in distributing small gifts. Of course, Father Christmas has to be provided all of the cool loot in cloth bags.

Maybe next week I'll post yet another perpetual project. Just on the odd chance that anyone else is reading this blog, describe a perpetual project and what is keeping you from finishing it?


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