Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I can't believe I didn't post ANYTHING last month. I've been very busy getting ready for Pennsic. Spousal needs new clothes, I need new clothes, it's never ending. I have started: a skirt, a bodice, two doublets for Spousal, and two cothardies for me. What's finished? A doublet for Spousal. Skirt needs a closure, bodice needs handwork and eyelet holes, doublet needs handwork and buttons, and the two cothardies, well, let just say they still need some work.

I do have help! Lots and lots of help!

Boogalu and Pearl decided that laying on the pieces of the dress I was about to sew would be wonderful help. There was something about this dress that attracted at least one dog to lay on it whenever the dress hit the floor.



Despite their efforts, the dress is further along than shown in this picture .


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